Australian Visas for Families


We are not migration agents. We will not provide you with help with visas. If you want help with visas contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Family migration is for those who may be lucky enough to qualify for Family Migration through close kinship ties with an Australian, an Australian permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen living in Australia. Or you may be married or engaged to one.

If you qualify, and if needed, that person may have to arrange for you to be supported for two years, so you will need to be on good terms with them.

There are many different family reunion visas. The most common categories relate to bringing a partner or prospective spouse to Australia, but it is also possible to bring children, parents, carers and remaining relatives (where most of the family has already migrated). Click here for more information on Australian Family Visas from the Australia Department of Immigration.

We recommended seeking professional help with Visas and you seek advice from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.or one of the MARA registered Migration Agents.

Australia Immigration can be a complicated process so we recommend you get professional advice and assistance from Australian Immigration Consultants.