Australian Sports


Australians love sport – anything and everything to do with sport, from watching it on tv, to playing it, to talking about it.

The main spectator sports are cricket, swimming, football, which can mean Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer and AFL (Aussie Rules).

Australians are extremely competitive and love nothing better than betting the Poms or the Kiwis.

Australians are very conscious about keeping fit – it is something to do with sunny climate and always being outdoors.

Rugby League

Rugby league (also known informally as league, football or footy) is the most attended spectator sport in New South Wales and Queensland, and the second most popular in the Australian Capital Territory (after Rugby union) dating back to 1908. Though not a traditional rugby state, the popularity of the game is increasing in Victoria due to the success of the team based there, the Melbourne Storm.

Rugby Union

The premier provincial rugby competition is the Super 14 (previously the Super 12) consisting of 4 teams (Queensland Reds, New South Wales Waratahs, the Brumbies and Western Force) from Australia, along with 5 teams from New Zealand and 5 teams from South Africa. Of all the Australian teams, only the Brumbies have won a Super Rugby Title, in 2001 and 2004.


Australian rules football (commonly known as football or footy, also as Aussie rules) is played in all Australian states and territories. It is a game played between two teams with 18 players on the field. Teams use an ellipsoidal ball on oval grounds with four goal posts at each end. The aim for each team is to kick the ball between the two inner posts of one set, for a goal, worth six points. If the ball travels between one outer and one inner post, it scores just one point. The game is distinguished from other kinds of football by the fast, relatively free movement of the ball.


Australians surfers are amongst the best in the world. Companies that sponsor sports events such as Billabong, Rip Curl are now global symbols of Aussie culture.

Which over country gives people the day off to watch a horse race? The state of Victoria has a public holiday each year to celebrate the Melbourne Cup Horse Race.

According to the Sweeney Sports Report of 2006 report, based on participation, attendance and media interest, the biggest sports in Australia based on interest, are swimming (61%), cricket (54%), Australian rules (54%), tennis (52%), and football (soccer) (50%), followed by rugby league (42%), and rugby union (40%).