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Australia has the 3rd largest number of international students in the English speaking world after the UK and USA.

Why study abroad in Australia?

Every year 200,000 international students study at an Australian College, school or University.

Here are the reasons why do so many international students want to study abroad in Australia:

Graduates from Australia are very sought after and are very successful at finding jobs.

Australia is a good place to study – Australia is a vibrant, friendly and fun loving country. Offering excellent value for money – a lot of students come to Australia to improve their English proficiency

Australian tuition Fees

Low Tuition Fees – An important factor for any International student looking to study abroad is the cost of their tuition fees. The fees for Australian Universities are considerably lower than similar courses in the UK or USA, here are some typical costs

  • Undergraduate

– Arts/ Business / Law courses – $A10,000 to $A14,000 per year

– Science / Engineering – $A11,000 to $A17,000 per year


– Certificates /Diplomas – $A9,000 to $A16,000 per year

– Masters – $A11,000 to $A18,000 per year

Australian Student Visas

You must obtain a student visa before you start to course in Australia if the course lasts longer than 3 months. If you want to study for less than 3 months you can do so on a Visitor Visa or Holiday Visa.

A student visa is only granted to people who register in a full time course (you can do some part time work to help support yourself – you will need permission). Click here to see what courses and colleges / universities are registered.

You can apply for Student Visa after receiving a letter of offer or electronic confirmation of enrolment (ECoE). We would recommend speaking to you local Australian Government Office before to check that you may be eligible.

We are not migration agents. We will not provide you with help with visas. If you want help with visas contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

For Immigration Visa Advice from a MARA Immigration Agent

Visit here to find you nearest Australian Government Office.

International students must prove before coming to Australia that they have enough money to to support themselves – tuition fees, living expenses, travel etc

What to do if you want to work while studying

International students on a student visa can apply for permission to work once you have started your course. This can be done electronically at a cost of $55 and last for a year. Go here for more details.

If you are working you will require a Tax File Number (TFN) – these can be obtained from the Australian Tax Office

Searching for a course

Australian Universities and Colleges must be registered with the Australian Government – Visit here for more a list of Australian Universities.

Click here for a comprehensive source of information provided by the Australian Government for people considering study in Australia, which covers the basics on schools, universities, and English language training. The site also gives an overview of the potential costs.

Here are useful sites for study in Australia :-

  • – Allows students to access information on over 260 Australian institutions and more than 10,000 courses. There is also the facility for students to enroll online.
  • – A commercial guide to Australian education institutions and courses, including a ranking and ratings analysis
  • – Open Learning Australia allows you to study with over 30 of Australia’s leading higher education institutions.

Good luck with your Studying in Australia