Australian Wine and Food

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Food and Wine in Australia

Australia is renowned for its Wine, being the fourth largest wine exported in the world. Australia offers a diverse range, with over 60 wine regions, to find more on Best Australian Winescheck this out Wine Australia.

Beer is another favourite. And no they don’t give a XXXX for anyone else beer, given the Australian Beer Varieties and the state loyalties.

Alcohol is not sold in Supermarkets but in “Bottle Shops” which can be found on every corner. Some Restaurants not licensed, are allowed to deal as BYO ( bring your own), so it means they don’t sell alcohol and you bring yours from home.

The great Aussie Barbie – its the centre of any social event – and the place where the aussie male dominates. A lot of entertaining is done outside, and what could be better than a cold beer, a steak, some prawns or a “snak” from the barbie.

Because Australia is such as cosmopolitan country, with people from evey nationality, the food reflects this. The TV program Food Lovers Guide reflects this.

Vegemite – is another aussie food icon. Its made out of wheat and cereals resulting in a salty dark brown paste which is spread on bread. Yuk!